Piaget watches and clocks wonders Warm-up: Diamond Tourbillon watch

This watch to break the technical routine, to achieve the same type of watch unique in the superb technology: the rectangle cut diamonds embedded in the movement, and in the ultra-thin design cleverly configured flying tourbillon. Piaget (Piaget) for the ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon movement Cal.1270D each functional components of the diamonds on both sides of diamonds, and to brightly shine brightly colored drill this new unique masterpiece. Movement with more than 71 rectangular diamonds (1.1 carats) cleverly surrounded floating suspension Tourbillon framework and paved with diamonds automatically put Tuo, put together into a bright lucky number "8". The movement is made of 14K gold with platinum paved diamonds automatically placed in rolex replica watches order to enhance the rotation effect. Far more gold than the soft platinum in the process of bending the diamond inlay tools, so that the process and inlaid rectangle diamonds in the process more sophisticated difficult, especially in very fine space claws. Piaget watch inlaid Tourbillon watch From the production of inlaid to set inlaid diamonds, each process by the Piaget watch handmade craftsmen carved, each diamond according to the mosaic of the location needs and re-cutting, shaping the natural flow of light and shadow, and watch the smooth lines Totally natural. Cal.1270D movement of the production process is full of a variety of challenges, in addition to the diamond-studded skills, but also in the form of bridge and motherboard are paved with diamonds on both sides, to create a precedent. On both sides of the movement of the replica watches uk functional components, inlaid 71 rectangular cut diamonds (about 1.1 carats) and 561 round diamonds (about 1.9 carats), while showing three different gemstone inlay technology, including the use of To inlaid rectangle cut diamonds, rail-mounted mosaic, round diamond used in grain mosaic and "pile-up" mosaic, so that the movement into a unique art of crystallization. Piaget watch inlaid Tourbillon watch Piaget watch bridge on the bridge also show unparalleled skills, only a few centimeters square inch bridge edge diamonds inlaid, this is an exquisite workmanship, only the rolex replica uk most experienced craftsmen can only be "stacked" mosaic Technical completion. Piaget further promote the technical limit for the Cal.1270D movement part of the screws inlaid diamonds, all the diamond-studded screws have to be specially designed to be inlaid diamonds while still remain strong. Piaget watch gemstone mosaic craftsmen are unrivaled mosaic industry veteran master, with excellent technology, enough to challenge the only 5.71 mm in thickness of 14K gold hollow movement gem complex process. Piaget watch inlaid Tourbillon watch Emperador Coussin watch the platinum case lines flowing Li, perfectly with Cal.1270D movement of the pillow-shaped curvature of the contours of the surface shop inlaid diamonds, so that case dazzle light. In response to the unique design of the movement, the case is also a masterpiece of art, a single stone process on the time-consuming 136 hours. It is made of no less than 794 diamonds (15.2 ct.). The diamonds are made of rectangular, round and emerald cut diamonds in bezel, case side, lugs and crown. Also decorated with 24 rectangular diamonds (1.7 carats). 732 rectangle cut diamonds (26.1 carat total) must be precise in order to make the strap diamonds smooth surface, soft texture, skin-friendly and comforwatch, carry Emperador Coussin diamond hollow self-winding tourbillon wrist watch filled with elegant style of streamline design.