The Chinese art - embroidery worn on the wrist

Embroidery is the traditional Chinese handicraft, has been two or three thousand years of history, is widely used in daily life decoration and art. Embroidery embroidery and embroidery four major categories, folk embroidery infiltration of countless women's wisdom and good wishes, ten spring, full of hot vitality and good feelings. Embroidered women, in the hands of the needle is like the hands of the painter Danqing, you can embroidered a bright exquisite pictures, and can express the embroidered woman's personality, showing different times of cultural style and artistic achievements. Today, the Swiss watchmakers will be the ancient art of this introduction to the rolex replica of the country, directly to the decoration of this skill to the dial on. Here, Wanbiao world Xiaobian Jiugen everyone to feel the art of embroidery has a long history. Piaget Piaget A Mythical Journey Collection Altiplano Precious Metal Thread Embroidery Watch G0A38573 Adhering to the tradition of excellence, Piaget count to gold thread embroidery process, for the dial design to open up new areas, the achievements of captivating masterpieces. First, the silk is tightened and fixed on the frame, and then painted by the process master pattern lines. Subsequently, the embroidery master to replica rolex watches embroider the needle will be gold wire twisted into a spiral of gold, and then infinite patience to the composition of the details of each embroidered silk. Dial pattern on the branch stitch embroidery step by step, and the leaf pattern is the use of silk thread suture embroidery techniques to create a beautiful, full of artistic watch. Watch case to 18K white gold to create, case diameter of 38 mm, the mirror is a sapphire crystal lens, you can clearly see the beautiful embroidery process. Bezel set with 78 round brilliant cut diamonds, black dial, two simple rod pointer is particularly quiet, the entire black dial because of the embroidery process in particular there is a mysterious oriental charm, in the time of the Circulation quietly exudes a unique charm. We then went on to appreciate the count of the uk replica watches other two embroidered watches. Xiao Bian really deeply intoxicated with the black dial of the mysterious, seemingly simple, but there is always a silent sound of emotion in the transmission. Piaget Altiplano Series Gold Thread Embroidery Watch G0A39146 Piaget Altiplano Precious Metal Thread Embroidery Watch There is also a well-known brand, whether in the fashion industry or in the luxury watch industry, Chanel is very good, and Chanel embroidery Camellia watch is amazing. Chanel Mademoiselle PrivéCamélia Brodé watch This watch cleverly demonstrated Ms. Chanel's favorite symbol of life symbol - camellias, through the "needle and thread embroidery" techniques, colorful silk walk in the black dial on top of the camellia to show the perfect, give the person Bringing a fresh aesthetic. Embroidery process of the perfect show Camellia beautiful charm, it is the charm of women tactfully to the extreme. This watch was GPHG "best handmade watch", is undoubtedly the Chanel brand reaffirmation, but also to the legendary craft of the noble tribute. 18K white gold case inlaid with 562 bright cut diamonds, black dial in the beautiful blooming camellia, like the quiet experience of the flow of time, in the watch dial embroidery process with colorful embroidery made of silk thread, The flow of time in the gentle tempting. Xiao Bian looked at these embroidered watch, suddenly thought of the "quiet time", thought of "fine water long", embroidery is not only permeated with wisdom and good wishes, do not know what you feel after reading? / Million watch world Zero)